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We create high quality software that are used and loved by our customers

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We create high quality software that are used
and loved by our customers

The Idea Behind Digital Ergonomics

Digital Ergonomics is a highly motivated team based out of Ontario, Canada that is dedicated to its customers’ success. Established in 2015, the concept for Digital Ergonomics originated from its founder’s own experiences being an entrepreneur and the CEO of several start-ups. A recurring theme behind the inception of Digital Ergonomics, was the notion that it is essential for any business to have superior software applications that support, rather than hinder its processes.

What Makes Us Different

At Digital Ergonomics, we go beyond what many software companies can offer.
What makes our software solutions so different, is that we don’t charge your until we generate results for your business! In doing so, we help companies avoid the large upfront cost normally involved in the implementation or use of business application software.

How We Create That Difference Specifically

Our passion lies in delivering innovative, full-service software solutions that help you focus on your company’s core business processes, while we work on optimizing the more peripheral areas of your business.
We offer software solutions that allow you to automate your processes; saving you time, money, and all the hassles along the way! This way, you can allocate your staff and resources to more critical functions within your company.