Software application development

Digital Ergonomics specializes in developing software solutions for small to mid-size businesses, with core competencies in developing Java, Angular, and PHP applications.

Whether your company is looking to build an online web-based application or for a mobile device, Digital Ergonomics can help your company achiev its software goals effectively.

Third-Party Software Integration

Design to assist companies seeking to increase productivity through process automation and integration, Digital Ergonomics specializes in customized solutions to seamlessly connect data from various internal or third-party APIs.

integrated shipping module

  • Designed for organizations seeking to simplify and improve their shipping operations.
  • Using our Integrated Shipping Module, clients are able to speed-up the shipping label preparation process, and improve work flow, thereby reducing overall operating cost.
  • Additionally, clients can expect to increase overall shipping capacity without adding additional workers, giving them more flexibility during staff shortages or high-volume peak seasons.
  • Our module also enables client to choose options from multiple shipping carriers all in one interface, allowing them to quickly compare rates and services.